Sunday, June 28, 2009


Keith's cousin painted our living room & dining room. He painted the ceilings in the hall and bedrooms as well and did a TON of patchwork. I don't think I took photos, but there was a big crack in the corner of the living room as well as stress cracks and terrible previous patching all over the place. With it painted, the place is really starting to come together, I think. Keith and I have been painting the hallway as well as the trim around the door frames. Soon we'll be painting the bedrooms.

You might be asking yourself, why is this post titled "Progress?" when there clearly seems to be some progress being made. Well, we found out that water must have been getting in by the sliding glass door (which has now been caulked) and the concrete subfloor cracked, and was in pieces. Now we have to fix that before we can get our floors done. :( We did bring the samples of the laminate back to the condo, and I think we are close to making a decision on that, so at least that's something!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As Suze Orman would say - "Approved!"

We got good news that our flooring is approved! This means we can get the work done and get moved in!!! :) Right now we are having Keith's cousin patch and paint some rooms. Then we are going to finish painting and get the floors done. Hopefully, we'll be moved in in no time!

Here is a better picture of the outside of the condo:
We got our names put on the mailbox!

We cleaned out the kitchen cabinets and decided to move in our dishes. We have so much more space, it's amazing.

Here is a better photo of the living room, since I didn't have a good one in the previous set of before photos:
Keith and I have been doing a lot of cleaning at the condo. Occasionally we will get a response similar to "How much cleaning could there possibly be?!" So, I decided to take a before and after photo. This is the before photo of the bottom of the sliding glass door - the track in which the door slides:
This is the after photo:
Notice that in the before photo lots of things are black that actually aren't. That was mud. Big chunks of mud that have built up for years. Our condo is on the second floor, so it's not like there's a lot of dirt just hanging around.

Anyway, I'm very excited that the wheels are in motion for moving! :-D

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A little update

Keith's family's dog Ruby stopped by the condo recently.

We got an estimate from one place for our flooring work. I faxed over a form for approval of the work. Hopefully that doesn't take forever to get approved. We have been doing some cleaning. Our dishes can move in because all the cabinets are clean. hehe

Nothing else too exciting has been going on. Keith has been working late and going in on Saturdays. We did buy Blink182 tickets for this August, which will be a good time. My brother & sister are both going to be visiting from Pennsylvania next week, and we are very much looking forward to that.