Monday, May 25, 2009

Before Photos

I went to the condo on Saturday and found 2 stains where the previous owner's furniture had been. Ew. My mom came by to see the inside of the condo. We went out to lunch at Corner Bakery, which was delicious. We went to Target (where my mom purchased Animal Crossing!) and then we came back to clean. We started with the bathrooms and it. was. gross.

Before photos:

Here is the outside. I did not take a photo when I was there during the day, but I think you can get the gist. I will take a better one sometime. (That is our friend Rachelle and her car is parked in front of our garage.)

My photo of the living room came out dark because of the sunlight coming in the windows. Here is the picture of the ceilings in the living room though.

This is the entryway.

This photo is also dark, but it's the dining room. You can see the balcony and you may be able to make out the light fixture that we will be replacing.

Here is the kitchen with pantry and black appliances that we don't like, but oh well. :)

Here is a view looking into the half bath.

The half bath is, oddly enough, connected to the master bath. This results in what we refer to as "poo buddy" toilets. Weird, but it works.

Here is the master bedroom. I have no idea what made the wall that color.

This is the master bedroom window, which looks out to the street. The closet is a walk-in.

Here is the second bedroom, which also has a walk-in closet and faces the street.

We also have a laundry room, but I didn't think the photo was necessary, especially since it won't be changing too much.

Now for the gross-ness. I don't think that you can fully appreciate the deplorable condition of the carpeting unless you are there, but I figured I would try with photos.

First up are the two surprise-under-the furniture stains:

Now a wider view of the living room floor.
More of the living room. The lighter part of the carpet in the forground is where the previous owner had their TV. That shows you what the carpet is supposed to look like. The dining room is similar to this - MUCH lighter where the table was.
We are excited to get everything changed. We think new floor and some paint is going to make a HUGE difference!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Closing Time

We closed on the condo! Everyone told us how many papers we would be signing, and we think that made us think it would be worse than it was, so that was good. The sellers are moving out tomorrow, and we should be able to get in there on Saturday. We did get keys today though!

I am excited! The rest of the customer service department at work gave me a little plant & a card today. Awww. It's looking not so great right now because it was in my hot car all afternoon... but it can come back, right?? I hope so. I think that would be a record for killing a plant!

When we got home we made calls to utility companies and the management company. It looks like our laminate floors will have to be approved. Hopefully that doesn't take too long. We are having someone come for an estimate on Tuesday, and after that we can fill out the approval form... as long as we still want to do laminate after the estimate. We want to have someone install it because we are not handy and we want it done & overwith.

Now we need to make the decision on the paint color. hmmm.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tomorrow's the big day

Tomorrow Keith and I close on the condo! It's exciting, yet nerve-wracking all in one.

We aren't going to move in until we get some painting done and replace the flooring. Especially not before we replace the flooring. It smells like super smelly dog in there. Ew.

This weekend we are probably going to start painting some ceilings. We still need to decide on the walls. We are planning on putting in wood laminate floors everywhere but the bedrooms (new carpet for those). I read in the condo rules and regs about improvements, but it's a little unclear if you have to get the flooring approved, or if it's alright as long as you have the subfloor to help quiet the sound. If it does have to be approved... hopefully it won't take that long. And if it does... well I guess that gives us more time to decide on our paint colors! Don't worry - photos will be coming. I definitely want the "before" to be documented. :)